Deal Room Software: Solutions for Expanding Your Business

Dealroom is a modern internet platform, a meeting point for startups, investors, incubators, universities and institutions. The service was developed by the Dutch company in cooperation with NewCo Helsinki.

The database covers the entire startup ecosystem of the metropolitan area. More than 2,000 startups and other objects are currently entered in the database. Recent investments through the service have come from companies such as Solar Foods, Choicely, Supermetrics, Quuppa, Varjo, HMD Global, Swappie, and Wolt.

Information is power, and attending the Dealroom is an opportunity to set the stage for the development of startups and other businesses. Companies whose data is not included in the Dealroom database can participate in this open-to-all service free of charge.

Now the dealroom service covers startup ecosystems in 20 European countries. In the future, the service should make it easier to set up cooperation and analyze different ecosystems. In addition, the service collects all the news from the European startup segment.

Expand Your Business With Dealroom

Commercial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can involve thousands of pages of documents that need to be stored, exchanged with clients, read, edited and tracked, which is not only time-consuming but also expensive.

With Dealroom technology, you can create an online workspace that replaces the traditional conference room with document boxes. Dealroom offers attorneys and legal departments the ability to make important documents available to clients and other third parties and control access to them, eliminating the need to deal with folders full of paper documents and scanned versions of documents at different email addresses or on CDs handle.

In the last five years, the share of online data room services for M&A and related transactions has increased from 5% to 50%. Providers of such services report annual growth of 200 to 300 percent, not only in user growth but also in revenue.

What used to take several months and cost a few trees to be felled is now done in a few days. Documents are online and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection; In addition, no one needs to go to the place where they previously prepared documents for legal and other verifications. nor is it necessary to personally check that documents are not taken out, not copied, or that everything necessary is available to visitors. Saving costs also means saving time in situations in which those involved go on a business trip and only then find out on site that the required documents are not available there.

Using documents in Dealroom has great security guarantees. Participants in the campaign have to register in the data room with a password and also have different access rights to documents: some can download the document, others can only read it on the screen. For example, some people with access to the dealroom data room can only read the document on the web, but cannot print or download it, or only download it with a watermark. This means that the person making the documents available for viewing does not have to physically monitor the movement of the documents – the program takes care of everything.

Since the documents never physically leave the room, they cannot be lost. In addition, data from the data room can be easily restored even after several years and it is possible to trace who took note of which documents during due diligence and when.